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Une conférence en ligne le 13 mars de Forrester Research à propos du Web 2.0 en entreprise

6 Mars 2008 , Rédigé par Fabrice Poiraud-Lambert Publié dans #Evènements

Extrait :

"Join us March 13th as Rob Koplowitz from Forrester Research reviews the developing Web 2.0 strategy and defines some policies and standards. He will also talk about the consolidation of wikis and Web 2.0 technologies in regards to consolidating the data to better harness the knowledge. He will cover the state of enterprise Web 2.0 markets and trends. He will share use-case examples of wikis and will cover some ROI metrics as well as discuss innovative licensing and distribution models (i.e. SaaS model) and extranet advantages. Koplowitz will talk about the integration between wikis, with other enterprise IT systems, i.e. SharePoint. Finally, Koplowitz will touch on risk management, mitigation, policy control and security implications.

Jeff Brainard from Socialtext will give a brief overview of Socialtext and provide some key unique differentiators. He will also share about some customer use-cases and touch on some tips-n-tricks to a successful wiki adoption."

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