Lundi 3 décembre 2007

Si vous êtes un professionnel du web en quête de visions d'avenir, peut-être devriez vous vous inscrire (très vite !) à la conférence WEB'3 2007 organisée par Loic Lemeur les 11 et 12 décembre prochains à Paris.

Le programme est pléthorique et le rythme trépidant !

Chapeau Loïc : pour avoir aussi organisé des évènements publiques internationaux, je salue la performance :)

Liste indicative des sujets abordés : 

Web 2.0 - The Dark Side
Persistent communication and its impact on being social:
Making your information social
Why books and school lectures still exist
What is social about design
The Internet's impact on design
Technology's impact on corporate culture
Storytelling and technology - evolution of society
Personalization 2.0 ...3.0 ... the projection of personal image
Social Media: Is it killing our society ?
Bringing social to software: Radical change is coming. Are we ready ?
Beyond compression and access to discovery - the new frontier
A Music 2.0 Debate: Where do we go from here?
Who needs musicians?
Digitized Worlds
A Debate: Casual vs. Serious Games
Disruption and Innovation
Is there reality to a virtual world economy?
Mobility, Multimedia and the Consumer's Impact
Making things personal...investing
Why we need to blow things up
Why Enterprise 2.0...isn't
Defining today's innovation: A recap of the start-up competition
Evolving entrepreneurship
Internet pollution and how to stop it
Interface Design and user Experience
New and improved biological methods for data transfer
Turning the tables: What happens when the users are in charge
Television Reborn
Rattling the Cage - a conversation with a disruptive entrepreneur
An environmental rift - where technology fits in
A generational rift - What's happening with technology leadership?
Social networks tackling social issues - a session in partnership with UNHCR
The technology that makes it all work - a showcase of Google Maps & Analytics
The Digital Society - Towards Participatory Culture
Digital Media: The Future, a workshop discussion
Evolution of social networks - how old school is becoming new
Virtual worlds: Real infrastructure
Breaking the status quo - building a business designed for disruption
User generated content - an asset to drive disruptive technology adoption
The small screen goes big time - television evolved
Monetization in the Web 2.0 world
Mobile and web convergence
Citywide Wi-Fi - The Challenge and the Promise
Open talk about OpenSocial


par Fabrice Poiraud-Lambert publié dans : Evènements
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